Paniki Falls Eco-Riverpark, Set to Open for Public

 The Kidapawan City Government is set to open the newly-developed Paniki Falls Eco-Riverpark in Sitio Mook, Barangay Balabag on November 25. 

  The newly-established tourism site is located beneath the “Majestic Mt. Apo”, the highest peak of the Philippines. 

  The journey will kick-off in Sitio Mook, the dropping-point of all trekkers where they will be accommodated by the local residents and given welcome drinks. 

  The 2-hour hike will unclothe the glance of nature with greenish surroundings, bulk trees, Clear River, exotic species and the awesome Paniki falls. 

  Trekkers will pass through six (6) hanging bridge, and three (3) river-built natural pools and will be housed in a locally designed multi-purpose building. 

  The Php 500.00 entrance fee will comprise of permit, certificate, eco-guides, lunch and souvenir item. 

  Joey Recimilla, the city tourism officer said the collected fees will directly benefit the local community who will spearhead the protection, conservation and rehabilitation to preserve the natural habitat.

  “It is not expensive to pour-out your fee because it will boon the betterment our indigenous Peoples’ community and sturdy protect our nature”, Recimilla said. 

  The City’s tourism promotion will focus on “Low Volume, High value, High Impact Tourism”, a key principle for sustainable tourism. Recently, 19 local men were trained as eco-guide and 15 women were organized to provide the necessary food preparation and accommodation to all trekkers.